Comfort ESD chair

This chair is characterized by an increased comfort of use, and is covered with high quality, conductive fabric (RG < 106 Ω). The chair has a five-branched base made of chromium-plated steel. It ensures high stability and unfailing removal of electrostatic charges. The seat is made of profiled, highly elastic, casted foam. A synchro mechanism has been adapted to provide more individual settings of the chair. Profiled backrest has height and angle adjustment possibilities. Height adjustment can be achieved thanks to a gas column, providing three chair heights to choose from. This chair can be equipped with conductive wheels or sliding glides, and additional accessories. The chair has a certificate of safety and ergonomics of use.

Adjustment functions

Available colors

Resistance to groundable point RG 106 – 108 Ohm
Fabric resistance point to point RP 105 – 106 Ohm
Seat height adjustment range [mm] 505 – 630 or 570 – 770 or 675 - 915 *toleration of +/- 2cm
Seat size [mm] 440 x 460
Backrest size [mm] 430 x 500
Fabric abrasion resistance 60 000 cycles
Chair comply with the standards EN 61340-5-1, PN-EN 1335-1:2004, PN-EN 1335-2:2009, PN-EN 1335-3:2009, PN-EN 1022:2007
Fabric comply with the standards EN 1021-1, EN 1021-2, BS 7176
Code Description
RS-K1ESD/S ESD Comfort chair, seat height adjustment range: 505 – 630mm.
RS-K2ESD/S ESD Comfort chair, seat height adjustment range: 570 – 770mm.
RS-K3ESD/S ESD Comfort chair, seat height adjustment range: 675 – 915mm.
RS-K3ESD/S due to stabilization guarantee must be on glides
*Non-ESD models are also available **Toleration of +/- 2cm
RS-KCZ/K1 conductive wheel with tyre
RS-KCZ/K5 metal wheel
RS-KCZ/K7 conductive glide
RS-KPESD foot ring
RS-KZESD/P PU armrest